Altus Group

  • UX/UI Design

  • Front End Development


Altus Group is a multinational corporation leading the global real estate industry, generating a wealth of knowledge and insight. With a staff of over 2,300, Altus Group has a network of over 75 offices worldwide.

We partnered up with their innovative data products team, with a clear challenge:

“Complex data presented in our legacy softwares is hard for clients to navigate, especially with multiple properties to manage nation wide. How can we fix this?”

Key considerations

In order for user’s to easily make sense of their data, we created a customizable dashboard where high level property types and tax appeal status’ are visually summarized before any complex data table is presented to users.

We had identified that users need to constantly compare multiple properties and it is frustrating them to have to go back each time to find the right ones, We have created a task flow which allowed users to bookmark the target properties so they can browse through them just like the tabs of a browser.

As every province have a unique way dealing with year round assessments, we came up with a visual representation which helped user not only make sense of the data but also help the less tax savvy learn the differences as they interact with our software.


End product decreased the training and support times. The interface became a selling features as opposed to a liability at demos.

It offered ease of use with a non-cluttered, personalized dashboard surfacing the data important to the user.

“Junction team has created the cleanest design we have seen for a long time, our client portal has become a selling tool rather than a liability at demos.”

ED ORLIK – Vice President, Data/Cloud Architect, Altus Group Limited