Hosted Villas

  • UX/UI Design

  • Front End Development

Luxury travel is personal

HV, the ultimate one-stop-shop for luxury travel experiences partnered up with Junction to revamp their existing online presence to communicate the level of quality and attention to detail they have been known to provide for years.

Key considerations

Project kicked off with stakeholder and user interviews in order to capture as much info as possible

One of the unique challenges was to create an information architecture around the multifaceted offerings while keeping the UI look and feel consistent throughout in order to keep the brand equity intact.

Throughout our design process, we aimed to bring forward the incredibly impactful visuals from HV experiences in order to entice users to initiate their personal consultation inquiry.

Prior to the development of each sprint, we created clickable prototypes in order to iron out any issues as quick and efficient as possible.


Our ongoing partnership is going strong. We are continuously running more design & development sprints to keep up the significantly high qualified lead generation, engagement, conversion & retention rates.

We are delighted to see the fantastic HV team grow in revenue and truly one-of-a-kind personalized experiences with no sign of slowing down.


“Junction understands that design is a business investment and their thought leadership has been a key feature in the representation and perception of our brand.”
– Dean, Hosted Villas

“Our website continues to generate extremely strong feedback and the design features have been a prominent driver of our impressive customer acquisition and retention achievements”
– Jason, Hosted Villas