• UX/UI Design

FX conversions and multi-currency bulk payments with clarity

Toronto-based start-up, TickTrade is a SaaS FX trading software that offers a complete end-to-end transaction and payments solution. Together we made their Bulk FX payments solution flow more concise and intuitive.

Using the Google Design Sprint methodology, we were able to provide TickTrade development team with a fully tested style guide and interactive prototype which formed the basis for their entire design paradigm in 15 Business days

Key considerations

During our visual identity design and product design workhops, we had identified that one of the biggest pain points during a bulk FX payment was the lack of ability to quickly scan to understand and address the status of each payment in the batch.

Another challenge was to provide a clear step-by-step path to completion to ease the user’s anxiety of making a mistake.

The most critial part of the process was to bring complete clarity and ease of use during the actual FX conversion with time sensitive rates.

At the end of the process user would be presented with a itemized report along with clear reasons and recommendations for remedies if any payment did not go through.


The Bulk payments prototype was tested with target users and optimized accordingly before a single line of code was written within a matter of weeks start to finish.

This new functionality played a pivotal role in the successful acquisition of Ticktrade platform by Trade Group, a leader in multi-asset electronic trading solutions. We wish them continued success.