Encore Deliveries

  • Visual Identity

  • UX/UI Design

  • Front End Development

Delivery made simple

It’s no secret that E-commerce is huge and getting products to customers quickly is the cost of entry. Our state-of-the-art logistics schedules deliveries, keeps customers informed, delivers and tracks receipts with ease.

With 3M sq ft of warehousing and top-level technology, Encore handles First Mile, Middle Mile and Final Mile Deliveries in large urban areas and small rural outposts across the country.

Our role was to design and develop Encore’s new online presence including:

  • Design of the new logo and a vi sual identity elevating the brand credibility
  • Intuitively communicating different service offerings
  • Generating more online B2B leads
  • Improve SEO rankings and site speed while making sure the site adheres to Level AA accessibility standards.

Key considerations

In a sea of newly emerging delivery companies it was imperative that our design system brought forward the competitive advantages of Encore,

  • Modern, efficient, tech driven
  • Reliable & experienced, powered by AMJ Campbell’s giant fleet and years of experience in logistics

Our ideation workshops generated ideas towards making the user’s journey as frictionless as possible and increase lead generation.

A few of those ideas included:

  • Availability check tool by postal code, which guided users to the right point of contact and showcased the vast reach of the delivery fleet
  • Step by step onboarding for new B2B clients, bringing complete transparency and peace of mind to the process.
  • WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines were adhered to in order to be inclusive and reach a wider audience.


The newly launch website generated countless B2B partnership opportunities and acted as a key marketing collateral during Encore’s sales cycles with several retail industry giants.