AMJ Moving

  • UX/UI Design

  • Front End Development

Facing the Challenge

AMJ’s initial website presented us with a few opportunities:

A Dated Design: The existing design didn’t mirror the brand’s esteemed reputation in the moving industry.

Elevated Bounce Rates: This was a clear indication that potential leads weren’t connecting with the content.

Lagging SEO Performance: The site’s SEO rankings and speed had considerable room for improvement.

Accessibility Concerns: We needed to ensure the site complied with WCAG accessibility guidelines.

Understanding the Brand Essence

Before diving into the technicalities, we took a step back to truly understand AMJ’s brand essence. What did they stand for? What were their core values? And most importantly, what did they envision for their digital future? This deep dive wasn’t just about addressing the challenges but about preempting future ones and setting AMJ on a path of sustained digital excellence.

Phone clicks on site increased from 428 to 1,328

Monthly traffic increase from 29K to 52K

Significant bounce rate drop from 45% to 10%

Key considerations

Crafting a Tailored Strategy

Drawing upon our extensive experience, we devised a three-pronged strategy to address these challenges:

Design System Revamp: Our creative team was driven by the vision to craft a unified and contemporary design system. We wanted AMJ’s digital presence to reflect its brand, resonating deeply with its target demographic.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): We recognized the pivotal role of converting casual visitors into loyal customers. By implementing cutting-edge CRO techniques, we aimed to drastically reduce bounce rates and funnel more qualified leads.

SEO and Site Speed Enhancement: Collaborating closely with our trusted digital marketing team, we undertook a comprehensive overhaul of the site’s SEO approach, content, and paid advertising campaigns. Furthermore, we fine-tuned the site for optimal speed and accessibility, ensuring users enjoyed a fluid and intuitive experience.

Incorporating Innovative User-Centric Features

In the digital world, personalization is key. Every user has their own unique needs and preferences. Recognizing this, we ensured that AMJ’s website wasn’t just functional but also deeply personalized. Every feature was designed with the end user in mind, from tailored moving tips based on user preferences to predictive package tracking alerts.
Beyond merely updating the site, we incorporated distinctive features to give AMJ a competitive edge and foster a direct connection with their customers:

Intuitive Lead Capture Form: We integrated a state-of-the-art, user-centric form that effortlessly captures leads. This innovation ensures that AMJ’s potential clients can easily communicate their needs.

Insightful Moving Tips: Understanding the complexities of relocation, we enriched the website with invaluable moving advice. This solidifies AMJ’s position as an industry thought leader and acts as a magnet, pulling users to the site through SEO and paid advertisements.

Real-Time Package Tracking: To bolster user trust and foster transparency, we introduced a feature allowing clients to monitor their packages in real-time, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Remarkable Outcomes

Our partnership with AMJ yielded astounding results:

Phone Engagement: A remarkable surge in phone clicks from 428 to a whopping 1,328, signifying enhanced user engagement and potential business opportunities.

Web Traffic: A leap from 29K to 52K monthly visitors, a testament to our revamped SEO and advertising initiatives.

Bounce Rate: A dramatic reduction from 45% to an impressive 10%, underscoring the site’s improved user-centric design and content relevance.

Accessibility compliance: Achieved Level AA (Required by law in Ontario)

A Blueprint for Digital Excellence

Our endeavor with AMJ isn’t just a case study; it’s a blueprint for digital excellence. It underscores the importance of understanding, innovation, and collaboration in the digital realm.

As we reflect on this journey, we’re filled with a sense of pride and gratitude. Gratitude for the trust AMJ placed in us and pride in the transformative results we achieved together.

In Retrospect

Our journey with AMJ stands as a shining example of the transformative potential of a meticulously planned and executed digital strategy. By immersing ourselves in AMJ’s vision and challenges, we were able to elevate their online stature and deliver tangible results that will positively influence their business trajectory.

For brands seeking to chart their course in the digital realm, our collaboration with AMJ serves as a beacon. With a dedicated partner like Junction Design and a lucid strategy, businesses can refine their digital persona and foster genuine engagement and conversions.