Springboard Clinic

  • UX/UI Design

  • Front End Development

Inclusive design matters

Springboard clinic in Toronto helps clients with ADHD unlock and fulfill their potential as well as help those who are in caretaker position.

We worked on UX/UI of the website along with copywriters and developers, facilitated workshops to align the team on a single vision, set clear goals and the right UI direction.

  • Creating clear entry points, guiding new and existing users regarding the path they need to take
  • Elevate brand credibility. Balance digital with a human touch. Use a warm and optimistic tone of voice coupled with friendly, inclusive visuals to show we’re here to help people find hope in every step of their ADHD journey.
  • Increase online patient inquiries and help them through the online intake process which also reduced the time intake team took with a new user.
  • Ensure the website SEO rankings are optimized for the search queries that were identified during strategy phase.

Key considerations

We tackled challenges such as how to educate & motivate our audience with as little effort as possible, taking into consideration accessibility and inclusivity needs of our neurodiverse audience. In order to achieve our goal we had to reorganize our offerings, qualifications as well as processes to patients, caregivers, parents and professionals. Clinic’s online patient applications have significantly increased since the launch of the new site.

We created an uncluttered safe space for ADHD patients and caregivers. Custom illustrations and icons as well as the rounded font selection helped convey the personal touch and friendly culture of the Springboard clinic


Since its launch, the website has been a hub of information and lead generation channel with doubled online patient inquiries.

Thanks to first page SEO rankings combined with the credibility and trust built on the site and carefully designed path ways and content, users were informed and prompted patient inquiries without being overwhelmed.

The newly design system created for the website, became the cornerstone of all Springboard marketing collaterals.