• Visual Identity

  • UX/UI Design


Can a dating app make you more social? We say aye!

Paird is a new dating app made for genuine connections. Its feature set is geared towards pushing engagement with user’s matches on and off the app.

Key considerations

We interviewed 10 Toronto singles to ensure we make the right recommendations during the product strategy phase.

Our first key feature was the creation of ongoing cues about each match’s interests and personality via its Instagram like feed which also created a higher engagement rate as users spent time to see what their existing matches are up to.

Other key features were about letting users know who is available and in-the-mood for a spontaneous outing while discouraging those who are ghosting their matches.

Paird logo and visual identity system was created with intention of creating an environment that communicates safety, fun and genuineness to its users.


Paird has successfully closed 2 rounds of funding and currently can be downloaded on Apple Appstore by genuine Toronto singles.

The solution was implemented in partnership with Hippo Labs who have done a fantastic job on iOS front.