McEwen Mining

  • UX/UI Design


Led by industry titan Rob McEwen who is known for his innovative approaches to gold mining. McEwen Mining was set to create a corporate website which communicated the competitive advantages, impressive track record and profitable operations they are conducting in Americas.

Key considerations

First thing we had to achieve was taking the iconic McEwen Mining brand and modernize it as we create a new style guide including fonts, colour palette, iconography and content templates.

In order to make gold mining more accessible, enticing and real to millennial investors, We created a world map powered by Google API where mining operations can be seen in satellite view along with key mining metrics and operational details.

Site intentionally focused on bringing forward the credentials of its legendary founder and exceptional board of directors as a savvy investor focuses on leadership and team of a prospect company.

Other key considerations were inclusion of an easily accessible stock ticker and virtual tours of mines at ground level.