Lean UX is in fashion! Junction Design workshop at Ryerson University

While everyone in Toronto is still in deep winter sleep fighting the never-ending freeze, Junction Design Inc is busy like a bee.

Junction team took the time to have some fun running their “Lean Design Thinking for Start-ups” workshop in collaboration with Fashion Zone Incubator at Ryerson University.

The audience had a wide gamut of professionals and future specialists in digital product and service design & development field that were keen to know about both process and implementation of lean user experience (UX) design. While the lean UX methodology could be basically applied to any problem, Junction team experts Genco, Jon and Richard focused on fashion start-ups and helped the audience understand the whole process from framing their user and business need hypothesis to creating a paper prototype for testing. In a nutshell, Junction designers kicked off the workshop explaining that everything always starts with identifying the problem which your business is looking to solve. Next step was to create a shared vision and understanding of the needs, technical and daily life habits, challenges and opportunities, demographic and ethnographic cues, personality traits as well as current touch and pain points with existing processes they deal with in order to solve the issues identified in the problem statement. Their whole methodology relies on fast iteration, quick releases to receive real user info early on a collaboration of all disciplines, users and subect matter experts. It is essential to find the minimal set of features for solving the core problem: the so-called Minimal Viable Product (MVP). After individual and group ideation process is completed, the prototyping is another big step before testing your own product in the market.

All in all, everyone had a lot of fun and learned the basic principles of lean design thinking and future collaborations between Junction Design & Fashion Zone are already in the talks!