We had the pleasure of working with inspiring leaders and teams for over a decade! As we evaluated various methodologies, one thing became clear, there is no one size fits all, there are no magic bullets but there are principles that must be kept close no matter what

Enter Junction Design Sprints, a concise and effective mix of the right core principles, design tools and decision making frameworks for optimal solutions rapido

It’s like lean and agile running on steroids!

Why should you work with Design Sprints?

Work with a distilled methodology forged by Google Venture’s Jake Knapp after working with 100’s of startups and established companies

Getting It Wrong is Risky

Avoid costly development time invested in a solution that has never met its intended audience by moving in small increments
guided by user insights

In a matter of weeks – not months, have a tested prototype and validate vital hypothesis

Time = Money

Collaborate efficiently with time-boxed, inclusive workshops where everyone is heard and the decision-making process is crystal clear so the ball moves forward consistently

Yes, no more unfocused meetings with no actionable tasks, lengthy research not quite answering your key concerns or agency busy-work disguised as billable work

Right Team is Your Team

No rockstars, superstars, or magic wand consultants

Internalize our experience and proven methodology towards creating a culture of systematic problem solving day-in-day-out

We can assist you with hiring, and training of your own sprint leaders

When to use design sprints?

  • Validating Core Hypothesis
  • Product MVP Design
  • Onboarding & Activation
  • Fueling Growth & Retention
  • Introducing New Features
  • Branding & Marketing Efforts

What happens during a Sprint?

The Design Sprint is essentially a 5-day intense jam session. First 2 days, we will be locked in a war room with your team and decision makers

We will be going through planned activities together in order to go from framing the core of the problem, all the way to a mutually agreed upon solution to be tested with real users

Day 1

Client In-House

Define the challenges
Expert Interviews / Long Term goals / Sprint Questions / User Map

Produce a mass of solutions
Solution Demos / Ideation Sketches

Day 2

Client In-House

Curate and vote on best solution
Heat Map Concepts / Solution Presentation / Solution Vote

Define the prototype with a storyboard
User Test Flow / Detail Storyboard

Day 3 - 4

Build the prototype
Prioritize Screens / High Fidelity Prototype

Set up the user tests
Schedule Users / Feedback Wall

Day 4 - 5

Test the prototype with real users
Internal Review / Finalize Prototype

Use feedback from to create clear next steps
User Test / Update Feedback Wall / Report

What should you expect as a tangible outcome?

Every Design Sprint will provide you a tested high-fidelity prototype with a production ready design optimized based on user test results

What happens after a design sprint?

Scenario 1
Now that you have a clear direction guided by test results, you can run an iteration sprint to further polish the idea, followed by a production sprint to ensure every design consideration and artifact has been prepared for the development sprints

Scenario 2
Many of our partners use the prototype and learning to raise capital towards building a market ready version of the solution. While internal teams pitch the sprint outcomes internally in order to receive buy-in and budget to keep executing their vision further

Remember, you can run sprints as many times as needed for additional product design & marketing ideas

Why Junction Design

The super-charged product design plugin
Lean pioneers, agile veterans turned certified sprint facilitators, bringing GOOGLE like efficiency along with +10 years of hands-on product development to your projects

Bespoke task force
Ability to form the right team around your specific subject matter using our expert network of facilitators, thinkers, and doers

Post-sprint training and hiring assistance
Helping you internalize the sprint methodology in order to create better, faster by training and sourcing the right talent

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