We love logos almost as much as gelato.

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Category: All Awards Design Startups / No Comments.

Your logo is the quickest way to tell a story and speak to your consumer. It showcases your values and communicates your culture as quickly as a stamp or a signature. Last year we had the honour of designing a logo for one of our favourite hangouts and this year that logo brought home Silver (Thanks, Graphis!).

After an exhilarating fear-factor style taste test at Death in Venice, we knew we had to create a logo as unique as their product. We needed to bring the imaginative, playful and anything-but-normal flavours of gelato to life while maintaining the mystery and charm of old Venice, Italy.

A big thank you goes out to both Kaya and Maddalana for enabling our creative process and helping us craft the right strategy. We are truly honored and humbled to be recognized for this work. Much like Kaya and the dedicated team at D.I.V., we really love what we do and strive to deliver something that raises questions, and exceeds expectations every time…now I guess we just need a bigger fridge for all of our favourite gelato flavours.

Gentle reminder: Death in Venice does not make ice cream.



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